Website Design

Do you wonder, if your next website or software app use PHP, ASP, AJAX, JavaScript, Flash, or another technology that you’ve just heard about. Should it be hosted on your Windows server, or reside in “The Cloud?”

When approaching a new technology application, as developers, we always keep the users experience in mind. Our primary focus is on what the project is trying to accomplish and then determine how to get it done.

It is always a good practice to fully evaluate the best outcome and then look for the best solution, rather than try to make the solution fit the desired outcome.

We use simple approach when developing new application such as a shopping cart, CMS, or online registration system. We build it in stages and add required features as we progress. We encourage this approach for any project that does not require a specific launch date for a “finished” product. We build momentum by achieving small milestones without getting bogged down with the details.

With over ten years of building effective business to business and business to consumer websites for clients in a variety of industries, offering a full range of services including design, development, and hosting. We have expanded upon these to include a wide range of internet marketing, PPC, and SEO services. We are confident that our team can work with you to create and launch an appropriate, dynamic solution, no matter what your business needs are.

If you want to upgrade your existing Web presence, need to build a site from the scratch, or want to implement a new marketing strategy we have the tools and experience to get the job done-on time and on budget. Please feel free to browse our services and contact us to discuss your next Web project.